Shareholder meetings made digital, simple and secure

Corporate voting made easy through our online platform

Participate in discussion and decision making

A safe and auditable environment for corporate voting

Our product helps shareholders to add their smarts to their stock investments


Communicate and ask questions directly to the company

Receive headlines and company updates

Utilize the power vested in your shares

About Voteroom

One transparent platform that allows communication between company and shareholders

Seamless automation making it easy and efficient to get involved

Made safe, secure and auditable by use of Blockchain technology

Corporate voting process

Corporate voting made easy, online and fully automated

In an ever faster changing world, the opportunities for new products and services have never been as great as today. Blockchain technology not only allows new ways of interacting with large groups of people in a secure and transparent way, it all happens in real time.

We are proud to say that our service helps to make legal processes, such as corporate voting, much more efficient and transparent. But we are absolutely thrilled about the fact that we now make it possible for boardrooms to tap into their shareholders as an intellectual resource – in real time.

Thank you for your interest!

This app is currently being developed and is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2018. Are you as a shareholder or shareholder representative interested in this product? That’s great! Please leave your information here and we will keep you posted.

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